Planet 62

aluminium casement windows

New thermal break system, with frame section of 62mm, that guarantees excellent thermo-acoustic and weatherproofing performance. The new tubular bars, made of low density polyamide, improve the thermal performance of the system, usable for ECOBONUS and SUPERBONUS. Furthermore, thanks to the use of regenerated aluminium, the series meets the requirements of the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria). Inoltre grazie all’utilizzo di alluminio rigenerato, la serie rispetta i CAM (Criteri Ambientali Minimi)

“NEO” specify the possibility of requesting the NEOciclato system, made with aluminium and bars produced from regenerated material, in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria.

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Planet 62 | Technical data sheet Meral SpA

Air permeability: Class 4

Water tightness: Class E1200

Wind resistance: Class C4

acoustic insulation: 48 dB

Burglary resistance : Class 2

Thermal insulation: 1.21 W/m²K 1 door – 1.30 W/m²K 2 doors
Values obtained for a window with normalised dimensions according to UNI EN 14351-1 (1.23m [± 25%] x 1.48m [- 25%]) with double glazing Ug 1.0W / m²K and 0.035 psi.