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Replacing old windows

With more airtight window fixtures, the natural air exchange is lacking, and the hydrostatic balance of the house is altered.

Normal human activity inside the house produces pollutants and increases the relative air humidity. To have comfort and live well, the air must therefore be changed regularly.

In old houses, where the windows and doors have poor fixtures, the air is exchanged and the humidity peaks are low without even opening the windows. In fact, it is possible to have air exchange in a room 3 times a day through the drafts even when you keep your windows closed, while in case of humidity peaks, this goes to settle on the glass which is normally the coldest part of the home.

However, by replacing the windows with more modern, highly airtight fixtures, the natural air exchange disappears.

Furthermore, as the new insulating glasses are warmer, any humidity peak will no longer condense on the glass, but it will condense on the coldest parts of the walls, called thermal bridges.

However, while the condensation on the glass dries on its own without leaving a trace as soon as the humidity peak drops, the condensation on the wall, in the absence of adequate ventilation, turns into mould.

For this reason, after replacing the old windows, if you do not ventilate properly by opening the window several times a day, condensation will form on the walls and transform into mould.

After installing the new windows, in the absence of proper ventilation of the premises, the air quality will also get worse, which leads to the increase in the rate of CO2 and pollutants (micro-dust, VOC mites) that cause sanitation problems.

Unfortunately, opening the windows, especially in winter, creates discomfort, energy waste, dangerous drafts for children and the elderly and requires the use of time and energy that many would like to avoid.

Best solution

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

After two years of experimentation, the ThermoPosa Team has developed PureAir, a specific machine that continuously changes the air, without any inconvenience or energy waste, solving the problems of mould and condensation without having to open the windows, which also means having a better sound insulation and preventing anyone from easily entering the house.

Ventilating with PureAir means saving money, having greater comfort and more safety, and improving internal sanitary conditions.

The machine was the first of the unchannelled wall machines to receive the prestigious “VMC Quality CasaClima” seal, proving its performance qualities.

Mould removal
in rooms thanks to the control of humidity peaks

Humidity reduction
in winter and surface condensation prevention

Elimination of 90% of mites and bacteria, 98.5% of PM2.5 and 100% of PM10 thanks to an effective filtration system

Air exchange without generating drafts, without insects getting inside and without the risk of intrusion

Very low energy consumption, thanks to 74% heat recovery and the Free Cooling and Free Heating functions

Reduced noise (about 30Db) and high sound insulation from outside (53Db)

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