Local identity and global mindset

Meral SpA since 1975

In 1975, Ferdinando Melella founded Meral SpA. Since then, the company has grown and transformed into a solid industrial group.

Thanks to a clear strategy based on a solid value base, Meral SpA today plays a leading role on the market for highly energy-efficient aluminium door and window systems.

The strength of an idea lies in its ability to release a propulsive energy aimed at change.

Ferdinando Melella

Sustainability and innovation

The creative freedom of the painter’s palette combined with a certified industrial process

Thanks to its management’s inclination to innovation, Meral SpA immediately explored the opportunities of Energy Efficiency in the construction industry by creating high-quality products that would meet even higher performance requirements from a thermal insulation point of view.

Constantly paying attention to environmental sustainability even in production processes, Meral SpA has become more and more interested in the transition to green business models.

The strength of aluminium

Lightweight, resistant, ductile, and durable

Aluminium is one of the most present elements in nature. It’s lightweight, resistant, ductile but at the same time durable.

Since the beginning of the application of aluminium in construction, Meral SpA has believed in the great potential of this material which can be fully recovered and reused countless times once it is discarded, in addition to having a long-life cycle.


ALsistem products

Technique and aesthetics for windows and doors

In 2008, Meral Spa became part of ALsistem, a group of ten of the most successful companies in the sector throughout the national territory.

The main prerogative of ALsistem is the design of aluminium systems for doors and windows and high-performance curtain walls.

At Saronno’s headquarters, where all the knowledge and experience of the ten technical offices of the member companies of the consortium can be found, products with the best thermal and acoustic insulation are created.