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From a thermal point of view, the compartment of the shutter box that houses the roller shutter is a real energy chasm. Through the slot where the sheet runs, there’s a significant air exchange so that the temperature in the shutter box is close to the one we have outside. The structure of a standard shutter box – typically made of wood or sheet metal – has a very low acoustic insulation capacity.

Even the airtightness is close to zero due to the drafts along the perimeter and the through hole in correspondence with the belt that connects the house with the external environment.

Therefore, when replacing the fixtures, a lot of attention should be paid to the energy requalification of the shutter box. However, even today the requalification is often aesthetic only: coatings are installed on the old box (typically made of wood or PVC) which coordinate the new window with the shutter box but have no certified thermo-acoustic performance.

On 1st October 2015, the Ministerial Decrees on energy saving came into force (Ministerial Decree of 26th June 2015) – it rewrote the legislative framework on energy efficiency and set for the first time the new Usb transmission limits of the shutter box under construction.

To comply with these new legislative obligations, the Thermoposa research and development team has created Cassomuro, the first retractable shutter box for renovation that combines modern aesthetics with very high thermal and acoustic performance.

Traditional shutter boxes that are available on the market have two peculiar features:

  1. An aesthetic finish coordinated with the window frame follows the old aesthetic concept of the “visible” shutter box, while the market today is moving towards “retractable” aesthetic solutions;
  2. Poor attention is paid to thermal and acoustic insulation, as shutter boxes are built with poorly insulating materials such as wood, PVC or metal sheet and are not thick, while today the new thermal requirements of the Ministerial Decree of 26TH JUNE 2015 require insulated boxes.

To solve these issues, Thermoposa has developed CassoMuro, a new shutter box with high thermo-acoustic efficiency that has the following advantages:

  • Top thermal insulation performance with certified values up to Usb <1.0 W / mqK based on the type of insulation chosen as shown on the next page;
  • Unique acoustic insulation performance among renovation shutter boxes with a Rw = 40Db value according to UNI EN ISO 10140-2;
  • Aesthetics of the modern and elegant shutter box that architecturally upgrades the window compartment by connecting it to the masonry to obtain the “retractable” effect;
  • Versatility: a single shutter box that can be applied to any window, thus reducing the number of suppliers and warehouse stocks;
  • Construction speed: CassoMuro can be easily built and tailored directly by the window maker without requiring expensive equipment or high skills, drastically reducing time.

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