Internal and external doors

Easydoor, Door 62 e 72

The ALsistem (EASY DOOR) interior door systems allow the construction of high design sliding doors or doors of any type, aesthetic finish and colour. The profiles of the series allow the use of panels or glass and are characterised by sober, modern, or radial lines.

As for the outdoors, doors and entrance doors (DOOR 62-72) are available. In addition to offering excellent thermoacoustic performance, this line guarantees excellent security performance, reaching burglar resistance Class 3. Pivot doors, swing doors and automatic doors can also be created – they’re ideal for entrances that are frequently used in residential and commercial contexts.


Networking in an interconnected world

In an increasingly interconnected world, cooperation is the winning action strategy. That’s why in 2008 Meral SpA joined ALsistem, a group made of ten of the most innovative companies in the sector throughout the national territory.

The main prerogative of ALsistem is the design of aluminium systems for doors and windows and continuous façades.

At Saronno’s headquarters, where all the knowledge and experience of ten technical offices can be found, products with the best thermal and acoustic insulation are created.

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