Planet 62 Plus

aluminium casement windows

Thermal break aluminium system compatible with the previous systems of the Planet range, same manufacturing and assembly.

Excellent thermal and acoustic standards are ensured through the use of new materials and technologies such as bars coated internally with low emissivity film and the new main gasket in expanded EPDM

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Planet 62 Plus | aluminium casement windows Meral SpA

Air permeability: Class 4

Tenuta all’acqua: Classe E1200

Resistenza al vento: Classe C4

Isolamento acustico: 48 dB

Resistenza all’effrazione: Classe 2

Thermal insulation: 1.26 W/m²K 1 door – 1.36 W/m²K 2 doors
Values obtained for a window with normalised dimensions according to UNI EN 14351-1 (1.23m [± 25%] x 1.48m [- 25%]) with double glazing Ug 1.0W / m²K and 0.036 psi.