Top Slide 160 TT

aluminium sliding windows

thermal break system for lift and large windows The main section and increased thicknesses enable capacities until 400kg for sash. The carriages slide on AISI 316 stainless steel profiles allowing the mechanism to slide easily even at heavy weights, and are also resistant to saline corrosion

The system is enhanced by the central node with a section of only 59mm to suite the new esthetic requirements.

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Air permeability: Class 4

Water tightness: Classe E 1200

Water tightness: Class C4

Wind resistance: 40 dB

Thermal insulation: 1.53 W/m²K
Values obtained fordoor window with 2 door 3000 x 2180mm with glazing Ug 1.0W / m²K and 0.036 psi.